Reinforcements Approach

Njorunn Saga


Einhendra and her housecarl Thoki stood shoulder to shoulder before a group of human soldiers.  They had both just survived the volley of arrows, though they didn’t get out unscathed.  They fared much better than some.  After the volley, the army approached clad in ‘radiant silver’ equipment.  The material had a pale gold color and gave off a faint glow.

The captain approached a Kaldrhundr (frost gnoll) which was injured in the volley and finished him off.  Ein didn’t know the poor little guy personally, but he was one of her kind and was thus not very happy at current events.  The human captain then casually walked up to Einhendra, unarmed, and demanded that she surrender.   In part due of Ein’s short temper, but mostly because of the current circumstances, the ‘negotiations’ went a different direction than the captain had anticipated.  He now found himself on the ground with Ein’s spear…

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